Bram Stoker Festival 2019: Open Call Applications

Before completing this form, please download and read our Application Guidelines (pdf).

For four days and nights between 25th and 28th October 2019, Dublin City will celebrate the life and legacy of Bram Stoker. Bram Stoker Festival will present a programme of literary, cultural, contemporary and family events that will engage with a broad audience; Dubliners, keen to delve into the unknown, the supernatural and the Gothic, or with an interest in the author and his work, while promoting Dublin as the premier destination for a Bram Stoker/Gothic/Halloween/Samhain break to visitors to the city. For all audiences, we celebrate the author and the traditions which inspired him and which have grown around the legacy of his work.

Once again, we’re holding an open call for ideas for events and activities which may be included in the Bram Stoker Festival programme. These ideas must have a real connection to or be thematically linked to Bram Stoker, his works, his life, his philosophy, Victorian Dublin, all things Gothic, the supernatural or the mysterious.

Be adventurous, bold and ambitious. We want hairs standing on necks, horror and terror, devilishly good adventures and unique experiences in interesting locations.

Go on, scare us…!

Application Deadline: Jan 28th 2019

Before completing this form, please download and read our Application Guidelines (pdf).