Bite of Dublin: Walking Tour

Dublin Castle

All Over Dublin – Meeting point at Dublin Castle, Palace St Gate, Dublin 2

Mon 28 Oct, 3.00pm – 6.00pm

Tickets: €43.55 (incl. €3.55 booking fee)

Foodies with fangs will love this opportunity to explore Dublin’s food scene, with specially created food inventions inspired by Bram Stoker at Bite of Dublin Walking Tour. Accompanied by expert ‘horror scholar’ Valeria Cavalli, this tour will tell tales of Stoker’s life in the city, the inspiration behind many of his early writings and lesser known stories of Stoker’s life, while sinking your teeth into specially developed culinary treats by some of the best eateries in Dublin, including:

Starting at Dublin Castle, The Right Catering Company will kick things off with some devilishly tasty treats inspired by Bram Stoker’s most famous work of art.

Loose Canon Cheese and Wine: Serving up inventive local dishes, artisan cheese and natural wines, Loose Canon will dish up a creative plate inspired by one of Bram’s earlier novels.

Seafood Cafe: Niall Sabongi’s sister to Klaw Cafe in Temple Bar is one of Dublin’s best fresh seafood bars. Niall and his team will treat our audience to a creative seafood dish inspired by a story by Bram which references childhood and the sea.

Dawson Lounge: A visit to the tiniest pub in Dublin, where you’ll round things up with a special toast to mark a very important event in Bram Stoker’s life.

Suitable for ages 18+

Unfortunately the tour is not wheelchair accessible.