Xenophobia and the Vampire Myth

Trinity Technology & Enterprise Campus

Trinity Technology and Enterprise Campus (Unit 13-14), Pearse Street, Dublin 2

Sat 27 Oct, 1pm-3pm

Tickets: €5 (including €1 booking fee). Ages 16+

An event complimentary to the previous night’s premiere screening of NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century, this panel discussion delves into the controversial themes explored in Andrea Mastrovito’s stunning film, where the vampire character is cast as the most contemporary of feared ‘outsiders’, a recent immigrant in modern day New York city.

For Andrea Mastrovito’s film, recent NY immigrants took part in workshops where they were asked the following question; “What is the vampire in my life?”

Their personal harrowing experiences as immigrants fuelled the revisited vampire narrative. The film eloquently throws light on the double-bind situation in which they find themselves, having fled their home countries devastated by war (notably Syria) only to be targeted as threatening aliens through a xenophobic discourse once in their “new” country, facing economic exploitation and constant discrimination as well. This is one of the film’s numerous undeniable strengths; to modernise, reverse and subvert the classic tale of Nosferatu by associating the vampire with the prototypical outsider. The fear of otherness that culminates in unprecedented heights in Trump’s America finds itself at the core of Mastrovito’s own Nosferatu (himself an immigrant, it bears repeating). In these dark times of ours, such a powerful (and visually arresting) film-manifesto is a MUST see, but more crucially warrants wider civic debate.

These themes and more will be discussed at this panel discussion hosted by Professor Matthew Causey (TCD – chair), with Dragana Jurisic (Photographer and Visual Artist), Deirdre Ni Cheallaigh (Trócaire), Micaela Martegani (More Art NYC) and special guest Andrea Mastrovito (director of NYsferatu).