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Bram Stoker Festival

We've got treats for vampires of all ages this Hallowe'en Weekend!


Macnas At Home

We hope you’ve enjoyed the 4 videos in our special Macnas at Home series, and let your imagination run free with The Boy Explorer and all our Macnas friends.

Victoria & Judith and Miquel join us for a final shout out to get you ready to ‘parade’ your new character in your home, with lots of fun and mucho gusto! Huzzah!

We invite you now to upload your creations to social media using the hashtag #BramStokerMacnas, for the whole world to see. We’re looking forward to an online procession of magical, mischievous, mysterious and otherworldly characters to celebrate Samhain and Hallowe’en in style!


I am NOT legend

A radical reinterpretation of Night of the Living Dead, by Andrea Mastrovito, with a pulsing, killer soundtrack by Matthew Nolan & Stephen Shannon.
Available to watch at home from Fri 30 Oct – Mon 2 Nov.





An immersive audio experience by Darkfield, designed for one person lying down in bed. Are you brave enough for this spine tingling solo terror?
Available to experience at home from Fri 30 Oct – Mon 2 Nov.  




Curse Hunters

An ancient curse has been unleashed! Can you and your team of curse hunters save the universe
Ages 6-11. Free, limited tickets. Played via a smartphone app from Fri 30 Oct – Mon 2 Nov.  




Tales of Dublin horror, told by some of our leading humourists, comedians and writers including Tony Cantwell, Sonya Kelly, Hannah Mamalis and more.
Throughout the festival

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A comedy tour of the National Gallery’s Gothic treasures with two lady-like vampires
Visions of exposed flesh, murder, darkened rooms & storms await!

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Stoker on Stoker

Bram Stoker’s living relative Dacre Stoker presents an intimate insight into Dracula’s history
The truth about all things Stoker and Dracula – available to watch on RTÉ Culture

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FANGS Podcast

Liam Geraghty sinks his teeth into the legacy that Bram Stoker left pop culture in this podcast series
Available via rte.ie/Culture and wherever you get your podcasts





Three Castles Burning Podcast

A special edition of Donal Fallon’s Dublin history podcast, delving into Stoker’s Dublin
Available via rte.ie/Culture and wherever you get your podcasts





Abe’s Story

An award-winning, beautifully animated short film, set in Stoker era Victorian London
Available via rte.ie/Culture throughout the festival





The Early House

A short horror comedy film set in a Dublin boozer, filled with vampires
Available via rte.ie/Culture and throughout the festival



Dracula’s Disco

Dracula’s own DJ spins the decks for a monster mash in your home
Presented with the Ark

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Vampires in the City

Some of our best-dressed vampiric audience members took to the streets in full costume
You’ll spot these shots all over town in the coming weeks!

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RTÉ Culture Bram Stoker Hub

We’ve partnered with RTÉ Culture to present a Bram Stoker Hub, featuring exclusive content throughout the weekend.

Featuring a newly commissioned radio drama, an archive production of Dracula by the RTÉ Players, interviews with celebrated historians and experts, free films and lots of audio treats.

Free. Available throughout the festival.





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